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The Cosmetology Program and its students have adjusted well to remote learning. Teachers are providing meaningful instruction, both in person and online. Freshmen have been engaging in our exploratory program and learning various facets of the industry, such as hair, skin, and nail care, as well as the numerous career opportunities.

Our sophomores are presently working on both wet and long hairstyling. This involves learning how to properly mold, shape, and style the hair into various designs. The students are beginning to use art principles, as of way of showing their creativity and abilities.

Juniors are working on color theory and learning the fundamentals of hair coloring, in both the shop, related classes, and online. The students continue to show excitement and enthusiasm when completing their assignments. They are also reviewing State Board procedures, in preparing for licensure during their senior year.

Lastly, our seniors are working diligently learning about texture services, such as perming and relaxing. They are also reviewing and preparing for their State Board Cosmetology exam for licensure. To acquire this state license, students must pass a practical and written exam at the same proficiency levels or higher established by the examining board. The students are working toward their timing and efficiency in these areas, that include, but not limited to infection control, hair coloring, texture services, haircutting, and nail and skin care. In their related classes, they have been introduced to texture services and are reviewing previously learned concepts, preparing them to pass their state exams and receive their cosmetologist license. Our goal is for all seniors to attain their cosmetology license before graduation.