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article by: Alexis Ostman, ME Technology

With so many options for post-secondary education available, the students at GNB Voc-Tech have a lot to think about when preparing for a smooth transition into adulthood.  On October 16, 2018, the annual GNB Voc-Tech College Fair aimed to alleviate some of that stress by exposing students to various institutions throughout the United States.

This event was held in theZ. Walter Janiak Field House, and was open to all juniors and seniors, regardless of their post-graduation plans. Admissions counselors from a wide array of colleges, including Mass Maritime, Bridgewater State, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and etc., were there to answer any questions that the upperclassmen might have had.  Students walked away with brochures, business cards, and even candy from the many tables that were posted throughout the Field House. Diligent students signed postcards that will inform them about upcoming events, application deadlines, and other important information for the institutions of their choice. Overall,the college fair was a great success, leaving Voc-Tech’s upperclassmen with a strong sense of confidence about planning their futures.