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Cooperative Education Program

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find out if I’m qualified for Co-Op?

As a student, the requirements for Co-Op can be found in the For Student Page and For Teacher Page.   As an employer, the requirements and expectations are listed on the For Employer Page.

2. Are there any guidelines for Co-Op?

Yes!  Guidelines can be found in the Co-Op agreement form (here)

3. How can I tell when the Cycles and Trimesters begin?

Cycle and Trimester beginnings and other dates can be found here!

4. How can I hire a student as an employer?

Requirements for an employer interested in hiring a student are listed in details on the For Employers page.  You may also contact the coordinator with any question.

5. What are the benefits of Co-Op?

Students are able to achieve hands-on experience in their field of study, while employers work with individuals already versed in the language, procedures, and technology of the industry.

6. What shops provide Co-Op/Placement opportunities?

All shops have the opportunity to provide Co-Op/Placement, speak to your shop instructor for more information on what the shop provides.

7. What is the difference between Co-Op and Placement?

Co-Op: Co-Op is an opportunity for paid training through the employer you work with during your 6-day shop cycle.

Placement: Placement is an opportunity to work with an employer to enhance the skills that you learn in the career major during your 6-day shop cycle.

8. How long does Co-Op/Placement last?

The entire school year. Some may last for trimesters, speak with your shop instructor for additional information.

9. Who do I speak with if I have any additional questions?

Contact the Co-Op Coordinator and Placement Facilitator to answer questions or get more information.  Go here!