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Cooperative Education Program

Student Information

Students expressing an interest in working in a Cooperative Education position must meet all the Cooperative Education requirements and be recommended by a CVTE teacher. The student can submit a resume to employers who have contacted the school looking to hire or find a Cooperative Education employer willing to hire a student in their career field.

The Student’s Role

The student must provide the following information to the Cooperative Education Coordinator:

    • Hiring company: name, hiring contact, telephone number, and email address
    • Student’s supervisor name
    • Birth certificate (if under 18)
    • Signed agreement to follow the rules of Cooperative Education employment
    • Attendance Office notification before attending employment interview. Student must bring in a note from parent/guardian the day before dismissal for an interview.

Student Expectations

In order for a student to participate in GNB Voc-Tech’s Cooperative Education Program, the student must agree to the following conditions of employment:


  • Students must adhere to work standards as set forth by the employer, as well as school standards
  • Must provide own transportation
  • Student must work at a site that provides the opportunity to develop technical and employability skills not necessarily acquirable in a school-based setting but acquirable in a work-based setting.
  • Portfolio and Career Plan must be up to date
  • Student must pass all Chapter 74 Shop and Related requirements
  • Student must have a grade of 70 or better in all areas
  • Student must obtain a co-op cycle report and turn it in to the co-op coordinator at the end of every academic cycle.
  • Student must maintain good attendance and discipline record ( in accordance with the school policy)
  • Student is required to work a minimum of 36 hours in a six day cycle
  • Student must notify Co-Op Coordinator and employer immediately in the event that he/she will miss a co-op work day.
  • Student is responsible for having the evaluation form filled out by the employer and returned to the co-op coordinator upon return to the academic cycle
  • Student will not be allowed to return the co-op site until the evaluation is completed and returned
  • Student must work at a site that provides the opportunity to develop technical and employability skills not acquirable in a school-based setting but acquirable in a work-based setting.
  • Student is required to work until the end of the school year, if student needs to resign from the co-op position they must write a letter of resignation and give a two week notice.
  • Student must be highly recommended by shop and related teacher
  • Students who do not pass MCAS must be willing to attend MCAS support classes during the academic cycle or summer MCAS support classes if available
  • Students must be interviewed for a Co-Op position, exceptions apply when a student finds a job on their own or a student has been on placement at the site and is specifically requested
  • A student who has a grade falling below a 70 while on Co-Op will be placed on probation for a period not more than one trimester
  • A student on probation who fails to improve his/her grade to the 70 threshold and/or fails to maintain a 70 in all other subjects at the end of said trimester will lose their eligibility
  • Students placed on probation are required to attend after school sessions with their Instructor to meet the Co-Op eligibility requirement of 70
  • Student must not have more than nine unexcused absent or tardy days during their junior year in order to participate in the Co-Op Program
  • Students must not have more than three unexcused absent or tardy days per trimester during their senior year
  • Student is required to be at least sixteen years of age and work a minimum of 36 hours in a six-day cycle
  • If for any reason the student is not going to make the 36 hour requirement, they must notify the Co-Op Office and Shop Instructor. They must return to school to make up the time.
  • Student must notify Co-Op office, (508-998-3321 ext. 764) and employer
  • Co-Op work will only take place during shop days and under NO circumstances must you work during academic days between the hours of 7:00am and 2:30 pm.
  • If the student does not meet one of the requirements above, they may request a conference with the Academy Administrator and Co-Op Coordinator. The Supervisor of Attendance and/or Vice Principal and Instructor will be included when necessary. If all parties agree, a waiver may be provided.

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