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Cooperative Education Program

Employer Information

Employers wishing to hire students from Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School for a paid position must begin the process by contacting the Cooperative Education Coordinator by email or phone 508-998-3321 x764. The position offered must meet the requirements of the Child Labor Laws. The employment process includes confirmation of student eligibility, CVTE teacher’s recommendation and parental permission for student’s participation in Cooperative Education.

The Employer’s Role

The role of the employer is the key to a successful program for both the student and the company. The fact that employers step up to provide cooperative education opportunities already speaks to their commitment, and at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech we greatly appreciate the collaboration with our community members for co-op and placement opportunities.

The Employer must contact the Cooperative Education Coordinator and discuss employment opportunity, and the following information is required to hire a student.

    • Name and address of company
    • Telephone number
    • Email address of the hiring company
    • Name/telephone/email address of the student’s supervisor
    • CORI form completion for anyone supervising the student
    • Current Workers’ Compensation Certificate
    • Brief job description indicating student’s duties and responsibilities
    • Rate of pay and schedule if it differs from normal school hours

∗ NOTE: Students must be scheduled to work at least 36 hours during the six-day cycle.

Expectations of Co-Op Employers

  • Be familiar with each student’s career plan
  • Provide experienced supervision
  • Comply with Mass Legislative Act Chapter 385: An Act Further Protecting Children (CORI-Background Check on any employee who will be one to one with our students )
  • Enforce worksite safety per OSHA regulations
  • Provide orientation including safety and emergency practices
  • Evaluate student performance (each cycle)
  • Ensure worker’s compensation coverage for the Co-Op student
  • Provide a minimum of 36 hours of meaningful employment per 6 day co-op cycle
  • Provide the opportunity for the student to develop technical and employability skills  not acquirable in a school-based setting but acquirable in a work-based setting
  • Comply with child labor laws as they pertain to vocational students
  • Notify student, co-op coordinator of any serious problem or issue
  • Notify school/Co-Op Coordinator if student is injured
  • Return student evaluation sheet at the end of each cycle
  • Abide by Equal Opportunity laws/regulations/guidelines
  • May not employ student during school hours on their academic cycle
  • Follow all State and Federal labor and wage laws and regulations
  • Notify the student and the Co-Op Coordinator in writing if this agreement needs to be terminated
  • Complies with all applicable federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment practices.


Helpful Links for Employers