The Greater New Bedford Regional School District has been working on moving the entire school to 1:1 Chromebook devices. It is now your turn to receive your new device! Each student will be issued a Chromebook on Wednesday, March 10th (Day 6) and Thursday, March 11th (Day 1).

Students who are currently in possession of a school-issued Chromebook, must return the device on the day they report to shop (either on March 10th or March 11th), along with its charger. 

All Grade 11 students must have a completed Chromebook Agreement on file. To complete your Chromebook Agreement, please click on the following link: Grade 11 Chromebook Agreement . Students should be completing this form and use their GNBVT (school) email address when prompted for their email address. 

In order to ensure a smooth flow of distribution, please be sure:

1. Have your Chromebook Agreement completed (Google Form link above)

2. Return your Chromebook and charger (if you have one from us previously)

We appreciate your assistance with this. These Chromebooks are pre-downloaded with software needed for MCAS testing.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email Donna Labrecque at