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New Bedford Credit Union reached out to Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech students who are a part of the Creative Services Team in pursuit of a design for a  mascot for a program that teaches young children about financial literacy. The Creative Services Team chooses what project they take on based on multiple different factors — if it makes sense to collaborate with a company depending on the time that they approach the school and if it would be a worthwhile experience for the students by allowing them to engage in the creative process. New Bedford Credit Union is a longtime partner to Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech and the CST students decided that they were ready to take on the challenge. Throughout the creative process, a variety of designs were worked on, but eventually the team ended up going with Sarah Gifford’s design — an adorable chipmunk named “Chippy.” The team made Chippy into a logo for the bank’s program that teaches children how to save money and it was a huge hit. The bank made Sarah’s design into a costume that will be used on school and other related visits from Chippy. This project is one of many ways our Artisans are making an imprint on the community!