On Sunday, August 5, 2018, Charlie’s Children’s Charities held the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Buttonwood Park Zoo for the new Charlie’s Nature Play. Charlie’s Nature Play is dedicated to Charlie Winterhalter for his life-long work to improve the lives of children. The play space was made possible by his family, friends, and community donors through the Charlie’s Children’s Charities and the Buttonwood Park playing

Charlie’s Nature Play is a special area dedicated to unstructured play and reconnecting children and families to nature. The Buttonwood Park Zoo has partnered with Nature Explore, a national research-based company, to design a learning space that uses the best learning practices on play areas that successfully promote unstructured play. Charlie’s Children’s Charities collaborated with many donors to be able to accomplish their goal of establishing this area for the zoo and recognized them at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

GNBVT was one of the in-kind donors to Charlie’s Children’s Charities. The students produced the bridge and the theatre staging area. Thank you to Liam Connor, GNBVT alumni, for additional photographs of GNBVT’s contribution to Charlie’s Nature Play. To see more of Mr. Connor’s work please go to

To learn more about Charlie’s Nature Play, please go to the Buttonwood Park Zoo’s website

To see a video of the ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony go to the school’s youtube page or watch the video below.[su_youtube url=””]