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Any student interested in signing up for a BCC Dual Enrollment class please contact/call the BCC Dual Enrollment office.  

The students will have to call one of three people (below) at the Dual Enrollment office, the Dual Enrollment Office will walk them through the registration /signing-up online process and explains where the student sends the document.  Students will have to send a snap shot of their Trimester Two report card to the Dual Enrollment office. Then, when the students completes Steps 1 & 2, the student will send Ms. Heidi Walsh the information listed so she can complete page three in the registration.

Carlos E. Avila | Assistant Director of College Access
Bristol Community College | 777 Elsbree Street, Fall River, MA 02720 | K123
774.357.3219 direct | 774.357.3519 dept.

Kimberly A. Griffith, Psy.D. | College Access Advisor
Bristol Community College | 777 Elsbree Street, Fall River, MA 02720 | K124
774.357.4058 direct | 774.357.3519 dept.

Nikita Santiago | Administrative Secretary I – College Access
Bristol Community College | 777 Elsbree Street, Fall River, MA 02720
774.357.3519 direct | 774.357.2811 main

Step 1: Family and Applicant: The first file is titled Dual Enrollment Program Application October 2019 with Financial Form. We are requesting this form be typed/filled in prior to printing if you are mailing it in as it is a writable pdf. This form is to be filled out by the student and their legal guardian. The form must be filled out in its entirety, including the financial form which is the 2nd page. You will have to send a snapshot of your trimester two report card.

Step 2: The BRISTOL underage is only needed for students under the age of 16.

***Please do not manually fill-out page 3. Please refer to the link in Step 3 for course registration. This will allow for tracking on both ends***

Step 3 (students): Email after you have completed step 1 and 2 with BCC. Please include;

  • Name
  • Shop
  • Grade level
  • ID
  • Class you want to take

Step 3 is for School Authorization Only   

Step 3 is to be filled out by Mrs. Walsh.

Step 3: Guidance Officers: The School Department Authorization Form, (page 3) is included for reference purposes. Bristol Community College is requiring the Dynamic Form. In this form, high schools will be able to attach the transcript and list the class or classes your student will be taking in order.

Ms. Walsh will then submit The School Department Authorization Form.

Students will hear from BCC when you have been accepted.

Summer 2020 Registration

The Summer 2020 registration period is currently open to all students. Currently, most courses are being offered online and there is the potential for all Summer courses to be transitioned to online as well. Due to the novel COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that many families have faced job displacement as well as, other insecurities with income and resources. College Access is working with faculty to create courses that will utilize alternative educational resources to eliminate costs related to materials. Please keep in mind that some course may still require the purchasing of textbooks or materials.

At this time, the following Perkins courses are being offered for the Summer 2020 term.

  • BIO 111
  • BIO 117
  • BNK 101
  • CSS 101 (4 sections)
  • ENG 101 (2 sections) *PSAT sophomore or Juniors with 2.7*
  • HST 111 *PSAT sophomore or Juniors with 2.7*
  • MAR 114
  • MTH 172
  • POR 102
  • PSY 101
  • SPA 101
  • SPA 102

There may be additional courses added to the roster however, the completed list will be emailed at a later date. Please note, the eligibility requirements for Dual Enrollment students remain the same:

• Maintain a 2.0 (C) GPA or better at the secondary level.
• Returning applicants must earn a BRISTOL GPA of 2.5 or better to maintain eligibility

    • CRN COURSE TITLE 61500 ENG 101
    • 61504 ENG 101 IN PROCESS
    • SPA 102 61499
    • POR 102 61502
    • CSS 101 61505
    • CSS 101 61503
    • CSS 101 61495
    • CSS 101 IN PROCESS
    • HST 111 IN PROCESS
    • PSY 101 61494
    • CIS 111 61493
    • CIS 122 61491
    • BIO 117 61490
    • MTH 172S 61489
    • BIO 111

Currently, Bristol is in the process of developing an alternative method of testing students. However, in the interim, Juniors with a minimum GPA of 2.7 will be exempt from testing for the Summer and Fall semesters. BCC is working on having sophomores added. Sophomores who have taken the PSATs should include their scores with their application, if requesting an Accuplacer required course. Certainly, if students have taken the SATs, please submit the scores with their application