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Business Professionals of America is an organization dedicated to helping students learn leadership skills for the future.


GNBVT’s BPA Club Officers:

    • Sarah Saulnier, President
    • Carly Rose,  Vice-President
    • Sabrina Arruda, Secretary
    • Ashley Almeida, Treasurer
    • Wyatt Torre, Jenelle Dias, and Hien Vong, Historians.


BPA Social Week: (Feb. 24 – 28)

    • #Munchie Monday, where pizza will be provided to all members in the student forum,
    • #Travel Torch Tuesday – Working on member torch awards that are needed for States.
    • #Winning Wednesday – Preparing for the State Leadership Conference.
    • #Thankful Thursday – Sending Thank You notes to teachers.
    • #Fun Day Friday –  Preparing for SLC

Munchie Monday

Travel Torch Tuesday

Winning Wednesday

Thankful Thursday

Fun Day Friday