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Support a Soldier Club

The two non-profit organizations within the Support A Soldier Club are Operation Care Package and Military Pen Pal. Operation Care Package is where you can donate non-perishables and travel-size health products. Military Pen Pal is where you can write a letter to a soldier. In the military, people may not hear from anybody but their fellow soldiers for many months. Simply writing a letter to a soldier can make them see that they are still thought of every day. If you would like to write a letter, visit the Support a Soldier Club.
You can also participate by going to or emailing

Meeting Days: Meets monthly on Thursdays at 3:00 pm.

Mr. Robert DaSilva

Robert DaSilva
Extension: 278
Room: B333

Mr. Henry DeGrace

Henry DeGrace
Extension: 187
Room: D-101a

Mr. Matthew Mitchell

Matthew Mitchell
Extension: 178
Room: B316

Mr. Ryan Shea

Ryan Shea
Room: B333