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Computer Networking Club

More Information Coming Soon

Networking club is a club open to all students of any skill level interested in expanding their knowledge of computer networking, computer hardware, and cybersecurity. Students will be able to learn general concepts relating to computers and networking, and also learn other related fields such as cybersecurity and computer hardware.


What is The Computer Networking Club

Students will be able to test their knowledge and learn by working on projects. Students will also have the opportunity to prepare for industry certifications such as the CCNA and A+. The club will focus on hands-on activities, but theoretical and conceptual aspects to networking will also be offered. Some physical activities include working with switches, routers, wireless access points, Raspberry Pis, and other hardware commonly used in a networking environment. Some conceptual activities will include testing networks, practicing good network infrastructure, learning about vulnerabilities, designing networks, and working with software commonly used in a networking environment. Advanced students will be able to practice additional skills such as virtualization, server management, Linux fundamentals, as well as research and educate other students in the club.



Meeting Days: More Information Coming Soon


Charlie Glover

Room G110


Small group of students in a computer classroom