Voc-Tech Theatre Company

Production of a full scale Drama in the Fall and Musical in the Spring.

The Voc-Tech Theatre Company has been in existence since the fall of 2000. We are now in our 18th year, having produced thirty five plays during that time. Our goal is to put on two full scale Broadway plays during each school year. In the fall, the production is usually a classic drama, comedy or mystery, while in the spring we normally present a popular American or British musical. Open auditions for these productions are held over a three day period approximately two weeks prior to the rehearsal period. Sign-up sheets will also be available for all those students interested in being a part of the Production Crew. Such positions as stage crew, lightning and sound crews and publicity are all a very important part of each show.

The Voc-Tech Theatre Company is unlike other schools ‘clubs’ in that we do not hold weekly or monthly meetings, but we are very active during the rehearsal period and nights of the presentation. Whether you are interested in Production Crew or acting on the stage, no experience is necessary. Professional directors are there to instruct you and help you during the rehearsal period with whatever your needs are, whether it be acting, singing or dance. Auditions are open to all students, freshmen through senior. Listen to announcements and watch for posters going up around the school announcing up-coming auditions and sign-ups. So, if you think you have hidden talent, a talent you have never had the opportunity to explore, or if you currently have theatre experience, consider signing up and being part of putting on live theatre. It’s rewarding, exciting and you’ll meet a lot of great new friends who share the same goals. For more information, speak to Mrs. Marianne Morrissey in the English Department. Hope to see many of you at sign-ups and auditions for our next production!

2019 Club Photo

All Together Now!

Fall 2021 Drama

CAST (in alphabetical order)

  • Chloe Acevedo
  • Jade Antunes
  • Braelyn Andrade
  • Whitney Berger
  • Rei Chase
  • Haven Frias-Martin
  • Kieth Kavanaugh
  • Tessa Laliberte
  • Avalyn LeBlanc
  • Nicholas McLeod
  • Lanna Mascarenhas
  • Lillian Morris
  • Mia ODonnell
  • Harrison Quintin
  • Naysha Rios
  • Jada Sanchez
  • Cadence Danielle Santos
  • Abigail Sousa
  • Heather Vasconcelos
  • Bethany Whitlow

CREW (in alphabetical order)

  • Samantha Amaral
  • Kylee Arruda
  • Zoe Fitzgerald
  • Mariah Horvitz
  • Aurora Lefkowitz
  • Jeremy Martinez
  • Molly McGrath
  • Megan Medeiros
  • Tessa Pereira
  • Jazmyn Rouke
  • Ryan Wilder

Marianne Morrissey

Marianne Morrissey

Kendra Jusseaume