The school offers a large selection of extra-curricular activities. Students are invited to sign up to participate. To participate in school activities and clubs, students are expected to maintain good attendance and good grades and demonstrate good behavior and citizenship both during school and at school-sponsored events. Students not meeting these expectations may be excluded from participation, at the discretion of the Superintendent-Director or designee. A parent or guardian must sign a permission slip before students may take part in any off-campus events. Some activities may require a physical exam. Notices of student activities are printed in the daily announcements available on the school’s website and shown on the large screen at the Welcome Center. Any class or club officer wishing to see a faculty advisor must do so at 2:30 p.m. Posters and other information pertaining to student activities and elections may only be displayed on the cafeteria bulletin boards and must be approved by the Student Activities Department/Facilities Director. The Student Activities Department must approve all club and fundraising activities. The Principals must approve any variation of these rules.