By Fashion Design

Price List for Alteration Services

Pants/Trouser Hem: 

Dress Pants Blind Hem: 

Straight Skirt Hem:

Full, Pleated Skirt Hem:

Lined Pants or Skirts Hem:

Suit Sleeves Hem:

Replace Pants zipper:

Replace Sweatshirt/Jacket zipper:

Replace Buttons:


Pressing Garments:

Steaming Garments:

Other Garment Repairs:







$10.00 (includes zipper)

$15.00 (includes zipper)

$1.00 each

$2.00 each

$2.00 each (includes hanger & polybag)

$2.00 each (includes hanger & polybag)

Priced Upon Examination

** All work will be completed by Junior & Senior FD Students **

** Delivery to Classrooms Available **

** All Services are paid for when completed **

** Additional Services/Repairs can be done with instructor approval **