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After-school clubs can be a huge part of your day-to-day life when in school to meet others with similar interests or have somewhere to spend your time. Clubs are the perfect place to go and join when you can. Our school has a lot of clubs you can have fun and participate in. We also have a variety of sports that students can join. When picking a club or clubs to join, keeping in mind your interests, time, and schedule is key because some clubs run on the same day or take up more time than others. Like you wouldn’t join the Theatre or something like that but be busy all the time. Because you’d like to keep in mind how much time the club needs you to spend within it.  If you are busy but still have a bit of free time some of the other clubs would probably work better for your schedule.


With this, choosing one that interests you but keeps in check with your schedule is big. The school has lots of different clubs of varying things so there should be something for most. We have things that correlate to some of our shops like the Engineering & Robotics Club and Artisan Motors Work Club. Not interested? Why not try some of our clubs that get you out there and active but aren’t on the sports teams? We have Yoga, Ski and Snowboarding Club, and Bowling Club.  

Enjoy board games or a little too into a specific card game? Well, do we have the clubs for you, why don’t you check out Tabletop Gaming Club or Chess Club to play some games and make some friends? We have clubs outside of all these too though that correlate to other things like helping our community and school in the After Prom Club, Bears Building Community, Student Council, Yearbook Club, and Rachel’s Challenge Club.


Don’t forget you can be in more than 1 club; many students participate in the multiple clubs we have within the school. When you join a club actively participating in it is pretty important, especially in clubs that focus more on bigger things perhaps involving events, etc. So keep in mind some of these clubs are a commitment. This doesn’t mean you are stuck forever though you can leave clubs and join as you please nobody can truly stop you. But if you are in something like Theatre perhaps just sit and think it through or talk it out with whoever runs it. 


In the end, you’re meant to have fun and make friends so why not join a club? If you are interested to hear more about our school’s clubs click “clubs” under the “athletics & activities” tab or click here: clubs page!