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The After Prom had a virtual meeting over a week ago to go over all of our needs. As of right now, we have raised $21,505 which is amazing.

However, the cost of everything has gone up and we have spent $19,810 which does not include t-shirts and raffle prizes. I have attached a letter from an After Prom parent listing their concerns.

We are currently looking for food donations, raffle prizes, and volunteers. We only have around 50 volunteers and we need around 80-100 to keep our students safe. You do not have to be a senior parent in order to volunteer your time. If you are interested please see below some ways you can help.

Food & Raffle Prize donations: (please complete the form using the link below if you are interested)

Items Needed:

Volunteers Needed: (please complete the form using the link below if you are interested)

Please email Rick Quintin or Jenn Gaspar with any questions you may have.

Thank you for all your help and support!