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At Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech you will get a great academic education, and you will also learn the technical and vocational skills that can jump start your career as soon as you walk off the stage at graduation. We do not just get you ready for college, we get you ready for whatever your next steps might be.

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Laurie Hipolito

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Nicholas Bennett

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Lynne Gifford

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Jennifer Carreiro

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Jake Melo

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Ava Macedo

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Ashley Edwards

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yearbook superlatives

yearbook superlatives

yearbook superlativesAttention seniors, please check your email to vote for your classmates for the yearbook superlatives! The Google Form will be open from Tuesday, February 6th to Friday, February 13th! Cast your vote for the 2024 yearbook superlatives!

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Please refer to Arbiter Live for rosters.

Spring Sports Registration is now open! Scan the QR code or use the link below to register today.