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GNBVT Opts for In-Person Graduation

With the onset of COVID-19, the class of 2020 has faced some unforeseen obstacles. Despite this, senior students voted last week to hold a traditional graduation ceremony, with some modifications on August 8, 2020 on the football field. Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech found it specifically important to involve the graduates in this decision. A survey was sent out to all senior students that provided two options. The first option was for the school to hold four separate graduation ceremonies that day recognizing each Academy, or, grouping of career and technical area. It was made clear that this plan would only move forward if health guidelines allow for events of 300-400 people. This plan involves graduating seniors and two adults to join the,/ The ceremony would be held on the football field and will be live streamed. The second option was a drive-through ceremony that would have been held in the back of the school at the end of June. After receiving 460 responses, the overwhelming majority voted for option one. Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech is proud to announce that we will hold an in person graduation by Academy on August 8 provided that the ceremony will need to be compliant with social distancing and health guidelines. 

Graduation Selection by the Class of 2020

Option 1


Graduation Ceremony

in August

Option 2


Drive Through

in June