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This document offers a comprehensive overview of the 2020-2021 Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech School Year Reopening Plan.  Briefly, DESE requires students and staff attending in-person classes to maintain social distances of three to six feet, to wear facemasks and to organize students by groups to minimize risk of exposure. Fortunately, for us the recommended group, also called a cohort model, is a complement to our existing vocational education structure, as our students spend their high school career with their respective program cohort regardless of whether we are experiencing a pandemic. The guidance from DESE, endorsed by medical professionals, sets the expectation that children need to be back in school this fall, while minimizing risk.

First, the health and safety of our school community remains the highest priority for each of us. We know the COVID-19 virus spreads rapidly through community transmission, so vigilance and adherence to all social healthcare guidelines is essential to managing the school community. There will be little tolerance for individual teachers and/or students who do not adhere to the guidelines. If a student or staff member is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, it is imperative that they stay home. Students with concerns relative to exposure will have the opportunity to choose a completely remote option for learning.

The school is preparing to reopen the school in phases, beginning with Phase I detailed in the reopening plan included in this communication, which will be in a hybrid fashion with students learning in-person for part of their experience and remotely for the remainder. The school district will move through it’s reopening phases consistent with changes to the public science/health data both in the state and locally.

While we have a plan for reopening, at the same time, we recognize that we may experience a resurgence of the virus, and we must prepare for the possibility that learning will be entirely remote this fall. This “2020 Greater New Bedford Voc Tech Reopening Overview” takes many variables into consideration and provides a comprehensive framework for what a safe return-to-school will look like. This remains a fluid process, and the administration is grateful for all of the input we have received from students, staff, parents and the community as we prepare to begin school in the Fall. Together we will persevere with the passion that is the hallmark of our GNBVT Artisans.


To view and download the entire GNB Voc-Tech’s 2020 – 2021 ReOpening Plan, click on the links below.

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