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Article and Photography by Sasha Machado, Senior ME Technology

As usual, the 2019 Fashion Show did not disappoint! With a full audience and pumped-up music and lighting by the show’s DJ and stage crew, going to the GNBVT fashion show was quite the event.  The Fashion Show makes you feel so proud of the students who have worked so hard to make it all happen. When some of the models come down in some stunning wear, it makes you think “WOW! This is made by a student!” 

Alyssa Oliver, who is a senior in Fashion Design, hosted the show.  The show consisted of four different sections of clothing styles that were designed by the students.  The first segment was Trickle Up Trends.  This set of clothing was inspired by the streetwear designers such as Kayne West, Heron Preston, and Jerry Lorenzo.  The second segment of clothing was Stepping Out.  In this series of clothes, the designers featured Dresses from The Red Dress Event, which is a heart health & awareness fundraiser for Women hosted at the YWCA, and more formal articles of clothing.  Then, there was a brief intermission.

After the intermission, the Junior Collection was featured.  While the juniors still have one more year to go, that didn’t stop them from doing their best for the show. The junior students showed their talent and passion through their clothing design which was often inspired by cultures and color.

The senior class consisted of 9 different collections that showed the designer’s personality. The seniors have worked hard to make their last show memorable. Some of the seniors plan on going further with their talent and making this a career. At the end of the show, the seniors stepped out for their final moments on stage. 

Finally, the show wouldn’t have been such a fantastic production without the great models who showcased everyone’s work. Many of the models came from various grade and shops. The models had diversity, style and pose, and made the show beautiful.  The designers’ vision came to life and the Fashion Movement was vibrant for all who attended.  Fantastic job to everyone who has worked hard for the show!