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South Coast Towing Donates Car to GNBVT After Prom

Updated 12:00 PM ET, June 20, 2018

Chris Medeiros from South Coast Towing donated a 2006 Toyota Avalon that was raffled off at this year’s GNB Voc-Tech After Prom event. A veteran donor and former GNB Voc-Tech student, Mr. Medeiros was asked why he donated to After Prom to which he replied, “It encourages people to come to the After Prom, because someone will walk away with a new car and because I was a student here.” After Prom is an event held at GNBVT immediately following senior prom in an effort to provide a safe space for seniors to celebrate one of the most memorable nights of their lives. In collaboration with our Collision Repair department, the car was repaired and restored in order for it to be ready to raffled off.

Thanks to Mr. Medeiros along with our Collision Repair Program, PPG, Glaser Glass, Berkley Used Car Parts, Astro Automotive and Toyota of Dartmouth, one lucky GNB Voc-Tech Senior went home with a new car!